Welcome to the home of Stay Safe TV. An online social impact platform (website) that will benefit everybody regardless of your location. We tackle huge social issues such as: – Bullying, Domestic Violence, Workplace assaults and life skills shortages such as confidence and communication skillsYou can download Apps, Videos and E-learning material designed to increase their core life skills.

The Facts that motivate us…

  • 1 in 5 young people experience bullying at home and in schools 
  • 16,000 kids stay away from school every day due to bullying 
  • 1 in 4 women suffer domestic violence in the UK
  • 2 women a week die due to domestic violence related incidents
  • 68% men & 58% women are obese and need regular exercise
  • Workplace bullying costs the UK economy £18 billion a year
  • Verbal & physical assaults against emergency staff has risen by 22% 
  • 3 teachers leave the profession every month because of classroom violence 

These statistics from the UK clearly demonstrate the need to take a fresh look at the way we educate people. Our team of specialists have created content designed to empower users with the skills to improve their life’s.

An Online Social Impact PlatformAn online social impact platform for everyone

Access apps, tutorials videos, e-learning content and weekly online video sessions. We exist to increase your safety, confidence, communication skills, stress management techniques, fitness, parenting skills, personal development and basic first aid ability.

Designed for people of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds, Stay Safe TV is about preparing people today for a safer tomorrow.

The site is full of FREE content and cost effective educational solutions so that we benefit everyone visiting us. Stay Safe TV can provide you with a single solution or a regular flow of professional and effective content.

The Stay Safe TV team are looking to work with professional content providers who can support the platform and adopt our vision of empowering people with a good, practical and realistic set of life skills. Click here to get involved.