Bullying devastates millions of lives in schools and the workplace and it is one of our primary goals to make a positive dent in this horrendous part of our society. To do this we empower people with the tools to increase their safety, confidence and communication skills. In this section of the site you will find powerful real life stories, motivational speeches and forward thinking solutions. The vision is to beat bullying and prepare people today for a safer tomorrow.

Let’s beat bullying

beat bullying
Users from around the world have access to effective solutions that benefit victims and their families. These solutions are delivered via Apps, E-Learning material and video tutorials. Users with different learning needs can benefit from the content.

We also have a selection of powerful, life changing stories to share with you from real heroes. Amazing people who not only survived bullying, but went onto make a massive difference in their communities. 

Stay Safe Bully App

We have launched the Beat Bullying Stay Safe App as our commitment to making a lasting difference in the lives of bullied victims. It was developed after 10,000 young people shared their experiences in an extensive research project. The app is a great tool for creating the evidence for parents and teachers to dissolve problems quickly.
Users have access to popular safety tips, easy to understand videos and link to other support sites. As bullying is so prevalent in schools we have even created a school version for teachers and parents – Stay Safe Bully Schools. They use the app to create a positive line of communication and develop effective, fast outcomes.

Stay Safe TV is currently filming its very popular anti-bullying seminar. The seminar includes stress management techniques for kids and a couple of simple parenting tips to manage poor behaviour.

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Stay Safe Bully Reviews 

The app has interesting content that students can easily access. The videos are engaging and it was great to see how the students changed in just a couple of sessions. All of the students said they gained confidence and felt safer. – Amy Elliot -Stantonbury Campus Inclusion Centre

After 9 months of pulling my hair out about my son being bullied in school, I turned to the stay safe app. It is a fantastic way of educating him in how to record and report the incidents to me and his teachers. His whole attitude towards school changed over night, he stands up for himself and his confidence is much better. –
Mrs Jessica Vanders 
I used the Stay Safe Schools Bully App in small group settings with pupils. They found the app excellent and a very good way to share their experiences with those within school. Their confidence, communication skills and safety were all improved. I recommend this app for young people and schools everywhere.  – Andy McBernie – Head Teacher, Denbigh High School
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Preparing People Today for a Safer Tomorrow
We are currently working with some recognised professionals to create a “Bullying in the Workplace” strategy that can support users currently experiencing difficulties at work.