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Welcome to the Stay Safe TV video gallery

The Stay Safe TV video gallery has professional content covering a wide range of very important subjects. Bullying, domestic violence, workplace assaults and life skill shortages are covered within this section of the site. The videos are supported by inspiring stories, interviews and reconstructions from presenters and victims. 

A majority of the videos are between 2 – 10 minutes in length. On the odd occasion we will post videos that break the 10 minute rule to broadcast a live event or powerful speech from one of our experts or a brave victim.

You will find FREE educational videos with lots of tips and exercises that can be developed at home or in the workplace. We work hard to make sure that the quality of the videos are right for the site, however we cannot guarantee the quality will be the same from one content provider to another.

The Gallery 

The gallery is full of powerful personal development videos produced to enhance an individuals core life skills. We have content suitable for individual growth as well as business development and have covered a number of subjects that we believe serve our users well.

When possible we translate foreign language videos by using Google
translate. Stay Safe TV take no responsibility for any foreign language issues where content providers have uploaded content in multiple languages. 


We screen all videos prior broadcast so that you will not stumble across any offensive material.

Videos displaying content not suitable for young viewers will have an advisory warning.

Help us benefit as many users as possible by sharing the videos and please NOTE that all comments are monitored before they go live.