Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills

Parenting skills:  Any parent will tell you bringing up children it is quite simply the hardest job in the world. If your lucky you receive support and advice from those around you. This often comes with no guarantees and is often based on a bygone era. With no parenting handbook you are automatically thrown into a life of little sleep and frustration. Thankfully most parents will tell you that the good times far outweigh the bad, however we have collated some leading tips from experts to make those challenging times a little easier. parenting skills

This section of the site is dedicated to lots of practical tips and advice designed to make parenting more of a joy than a pain.

Our mission is to support parents and not point fingers or judge

“Through a series of e-learning material and video tutorials our experts will advise, guide and support you. Parenting brings many challenges so we aim to make the journey a little more enjoyable. The best parents absorb effective skills for those with experience”Gary Payne.

We deal with the following subjects.

Behaviour management – Simple ways to challenge negative and support positive behaviour in young people

Rewards and recognition – The importance of adopting a simple and disciplined routine 

Technology – The dangers of the future

Sleep Patterns – Understanding the value of sleep

Water Hydration – Appreciating how water improves concentration

Life skills for children – A practical set of skills for young people to stay safe and confident

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The material on this site has been screened prior broadcast, so we can guarantee that you will not get any nasty shocks and all of the content is suitable for young people. Please share any content that you feel other parents will benefit from and help us to help others in communities everywhere.