First Aid

Basic First Aid Skills for Everyone

Basic first aid skills – regardless of youage, gender and cultural background

Most people would agree that basic first aid skills should be taught in schools, workplaces and when you become a first time parent.
First aid skills can often be the difference between life and death so we are working with some medical experts to support users by educating them in some practical and effective skills to increase the safety of their family and friends.

Our aim is to share some effective skills to assess and manage both minor and more serious health concerns.
We want every child to know how to communicate with the emergency services in a time of a crises. Every parent to know how to manage minor bumps, cuts and grazes without going straight to the doctors or A&E department.

A & E departments and doctors surgeries are bursting at the seam with patients that do not require their attention and are often better served at home. Unfortunately this leads to huge waiting times and in many cases those most in need of care suffer.

Practical tips and life saving advice is provided by our experts in some of the more common and potentially deadly scenarios people find themselves in: This includes Heart attacks, Strokes, Asthma and Epilepsy.

Having a set of basic first aid skills is a must for all:Basic first aid CPR Training

  • Parents 
  • Carers
  • Brothers and sisters
  • People at work
  • You and your family when going on holiday

The content within this section of the site is designed for both young people and adults. It consists of apps, e-learning content and video tutorials.

The content in this section of the site includes:

  • CPR – Kids and Adults
  • The Recovery Position
  • Dealing with minor cuts & bruises
  • Heart attack and Stroke
  • Dealing with Asthma
  • Managing Epilepsy
  • Holiday Health Issues

The medical professionals who have contributed to this section of the site have been vetted and have credible medical knowledge and qualifications. Stay Safe TV will not publish any content that has not been supported by the medical profession.

We welcome your first aid success stories so that we can share them with the Stay Safe TV community. No graphic pictures please.
All comments are monitored before being published on the site. No graphic pictures please.