Safe Women

Safe women provides users with the opportunity to absorb the right life skills to enjoy all that life has to offer. This includes safety, confidence, assertiveness and positivity.

Safe Women Facts

1 in 3 women experience domestic violence and find themselves in difficult situations where they loose their confidence and self-esteem.

Women are most likely to be assaulted by somebody they know or a family member.

On average a woman will experience 37 attacks before seeking help in a domestic violence situation

Assaults on female lone workers has increased by 22% in the last three years

Safe WomenFeeling safe is a basic human right. We have worked with over 10,000 thousand women over the past decade to increase their awareness skills and confidence.

We are working with professionals in the personal development industry to support women with a variety of skills that they require to become the best they can be.

Here you will find interviews, powerful videos,
e-learning material and inspiring stories from presenters and victims.

We also recognise that general health & well being is important to our users. As a result we have produced content covering fitness, weight loss, social issues and much more. Stay Safe TV made the decision to identify and utilise the skills of female content providers only for this section of the site. 

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