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Stay Fit is dedicated to home based fitness. Obesity is one of the fastest growing health problems and costs billions of pounds to the tax payer every year, As more of us sit in front of computer screens and games consoles our bodies are quite simply switching off.
So many other health issues are related to obesity the affects are devastating.

Individuals who DO attempt to kick start their bodies often find the process of getting active very intimidating. Stay Safe TV team are committed to sharing simple and practical tips and advice on how people of all ages and fitness levels can work out at home and feel the benefits of exercise. 

We need to be active way before our body starts feeling the negative affects of being excessively over weight. Stay Fit is here to help you achieve small but important goals.

Stay Fit

              Stay Fit – Supporting exercise to achieve your goals

On this section of the site you will find regular videos, articles and apps that can improve your general health. We go back to basics so that you get the right information.

The Stay Fit & Healthy Promise

We work hard to make sure the content we broadcast does not make wild, unrealistic claims designed to sell products. We have carefully hand picked specialists who deliver practical, realistic and achievable content.
They have all been in the industry for years and have hundreds of positive results to shout about.

The fitness industry spend millions on convincing us all that joining a gym is the best way to keep our bodies healthy. The content linked to this page is about prescribing to a sensible fitness plan that is achievable and most of all fun. We have searched long and hard for content that will educate you in some simple EQUIPMENT free routines. Yes, that’s right everything on this site can be done at home with items you more than likely already have. 

A healthy body, promotes a health mind

60% of the population drink coffee whilst 75% of the adult population wish to lose some calories – We have a magical solution

 Dedicated to everyone, this section of the site is ideal for:            

  • New mums
  • Stay at home dads
  • People with restricted mobility
  • Young People
  • Senior Citizens
  • Emergency Workers